Russian Minatom Nuclear Safety Research Strategic Plan

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dc.description.abstract The Safety Research Strategic Plan for Russian Nuclear Power Plants was published in draft form in late 1998. It was developed at the Russian International Nuclear Safety Centre (RINSC) of the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy, by a working group of fifteen senior Russian experts representing twelve Russian organisations, chaired by Professor Armen A. Abagyan. These experts were assisted by a Project Team of other technical experts from key organisations throughout Russia, and by the US International Nuclear Safety Centre (USINSC) whose role was principally that of facilitator and reviewer. The Plan consists of 12 chapters, each addressing a specific technical area and containing a number of proposed research programmes and projects to advance the state-of-knowledge in that area. In part because a strong Recommendation to undertake such a Plan was made by the 1998 OECD/NEA study, Safety Research Needs for Russian-Designed Reactors, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency was asked by the Director of RINSC (Professor S. Bugaenko) and the Director of USINSC (Dr. D.J. Hill) to organise an international review of the Plan when the English-language version became available in October, 1998. This report represents the results of that review. it_IT
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dc.title Russian Minatom Nuclear Safety Research Strategic Plan it_IT
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dc.description.sede-enea Centro Ricerche Bologna it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Analisi sistemi e di sicurezza it_IT
dc.subject.tipologia-enea Metodi per la Sicurezza dei Reattori e Ciclo del Combustibile it_IT Autori: G.M. Frescura, M. Pezzilli (*), et al.; (*) = autori ENEA. - Pubblicato su: Russian Minatom Nuclear Safety Research Strategic Plan, An International Review, March 1999 it_IT

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