Nonlinear dynamics and complex behaviors in magnetized plasmas of fusion interest

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Mostra i principali dati dell'item Zonca, F. 2017-05-02T13:23:31Z 2017-05-02T13:23:31Z 2008
dc.identifier.isbn 9780735405912
dc.identifier.issn 0094-243X
dc.description.abstract Complexity and self-organization in burning plasmas are consequence of the interaction of energetic ions with plasma instabilities and turbulence; of the strong nonlinear coupling that will take place between fusion reactivity profiles, pressure driven currents, MHD stability, transport and plasma boundary interactions, mediated by the energetic particle population; and finally of the long time scale nonlinear (complex) behaviors that may affect the overall fusion performance and eventually pose issues for the stability and control of the fusion burn. These issues are briefly discussed in this work, with a view on their potential applications to other research areas. © 2008 American Institute of Physics. it_IT
dc.language.iso en it_IT
dc.publisher American Institute of Physics Inc. it_IT
dc.relation.ispartof AIP Conference Proceedings it_IT
dc.title Nonlinear dynamics and complex behaviors in magnetized plasmas of fusion interest it_IT
dc.type Intervento a convegno it_IT 14 July 2008 through 25 July 2008
dc.description.nomeconvegno 2008 ICTP International Workshop on the Frontiers of Modern Plasma Physics it_IT
dc.description.riferimenti Scopus ID: 2-s2.0-85014527079
dc.description.sede-enea Centro Ricerche Frascati it_IT
dc.relation.pagenumber 34 - 44 it_IT
dc.relation.volumenumber 1061 it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Alfvén waves it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Drift waves it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Fast particle effects it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Plasma turbulence it_IT
dc.subject.keywords Tokamaks it_IT
dc.subject.tipologia-enea Fusione it_IT Authors: Zonca F., Chen L. it_IT

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